We strive to use only the best products, with the most natural ingredients - meaning that we are not only being kinder to your dogs well-being, but we are also being kinder to the world we live in.




The “Wikiwiki” Wash n Go (fast, speedy)

Price £15.00

Papaya and Coconut


A shampoo, condition and blow-dry, leaving your dog squeaky clean and smelling fresh and tropical! The coconut gently cleanses the fur of dirt and oils, while the papaya and kiwi replenishes the natural moisture balance of the skin and coat. Rich botanical conditioners result in a healthy shine, while helping to prevent dry skin and tangled fur.


The “Malama” Mid Groom (To take care and maintain)

Price £20.00

Papaya and Coconut

A shampoo, condition and blow-dry, with the addition of a basic tidy up, leaving your dog looking tip top. Finished off with a splash of Lavish Renew Cologne, which utilizes the delicate essential oils. Containing ginger and oatmeal to nourish and soothe, as well as tea and plumeria, which invigorates your dog’s senses. It also contains a UV protector to keep the coat radiant.


The Big “Hana” (work, job)

Price £30.00

This pamper package, offers the full service of wash, blow-dry and full groom from head to toe, using a combination of different shampoos and conditioners, to suit your dogs individual needs. Included in this package is a nail clip and a luxurious spa paw and pad treatment. Soothing oatmeal and essential vitamins restore and renew dry, cracked and damaged pads.




Puppy - Gentle Coconut Shampoo (hypoallergenic)

This mild shampoo is ideal for puppies and dogs with allergies. The coconut cleanses, while the aloe replenishes the skins moisture. Bath time is gentle and easy, keeping your dog clean, tear-free and super snuggly!


De-shedding – Lime and Coconut Shampoo

This nourishing shampoo contains Omega 3 & 6 to nourish their skin and effectively reduce shedding. Pomegranate and awapuhi removes excess hair and eliminates tangles. The oatmeal and coconut keeps the skin and coat healthy and happy.



Flea and Tick Relief – Neem and Citrus

This soothing shampoo provides relief to flea and tick irritation, while reducing pet odour. Neem is deep cleansing, with a greater lather to clean even the dirtiest dogs. It also acts as a highly effective de-greasing shampoo.


White Coat – Awapuhi and Oatmeal

This shampoo uses a unique whitening formula,that gently cleans and conditions, while making your dogs coat brighter and whiter. Rich botanical conditioners create a healthy sheen, while preventing dry skin and tangles. Natural proteins highlight all colours naturally.


Revitalising Lavish Renew – Coconut and Plum

This coconut derived cleansing shampoo contains botanical emollinets (moisturisers). Ginger and white plum leaves hair shiny, manageable and brilliantly clean, whilst leaving a long lasting, fruity, floral sent.




De-shedding – Lime and Cocoa Butter

This moisturising conditioner contains omegas 3 and 6, to nourish your dog’s skin and effectively reduce shedding while eliminating tangles. Pomegranate and cocoa butter replenish their natural moisture balance, to release the undercoat during the bath.


Nourishing Lavish Strengthening – Plant extracts and Vanilla

Contains plant extracts and essential vitamins, to promote hair sheen and capillary conditioning. With a powerful blend of ginger, botanical moisturisers and warm vanilla helps repair your dog’s coat. Anti-static agents calm hair while botanical emollients strengthen the coat, leaving hair incredibly revitalised, full and manageable.